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Denim Blue/Red - Full Bag


AVIMA is a bag with a thousand faces, designed by a contemporary woman, in search of maximum functionality but distinguishing itself for style.

Made to order. Hand made in Italy.

NOTE: This item will take 15-20 days to deliver; once the order is placed, it will be sent to production.



Handmade in Italy.

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AVIMA x TYC'S Denim bag, the convertible bag for all occasions. How is that possible? Thanks to TYC'S patent, which allows you to dress your bag as you want in a few simple gestures.

Thanks to the interchangeable coating transforming the look is a matter of a few moments!

Casual but also elegant, for special occasions. Comfortable, capacent, customizable but especially innovative and unique!

Included Components- Body Wide

- Dress Denim Blue/Red

- Handles Wave Black

-Guarantee According to EU regulations

Exterior: Jeans 100% cotton, embroidered with soft wool. /internal: 100% cotton, which guarantees durability and durability.

Not dry-washable.

Exterior: regenerated leather. Quality and eco-sustainability combined in 1.2 mm in thickness. /inside: Exclusive lining in high-value viscose.

Braided handles with 6 threads, of high Italian Craftsmanship. Soft to the touch but durable and durable.

Contents of the Package-Removable cover

-Body can be used with all TYC'S coatings

-Removable handles

W39cm x H27,5cm x D13cm

Art. S18-03 1a

AVIMA x TYC'S can proudly say that our bags are "completely" Italian, from the project to the design, from the styling to the strictly handicraft production.