Italian Design & Quality, No Extra Costs

 Here at AVIMA, we think that comfort shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for style, or vice versa. We think you shouldn’t have to fit your life to your wrong products.

So with the goal in mind of making products for you that is comfortable, stylish, and versatile, we traveled back to Italy, where quality of some our products are unsurpassed, and have partnered with a small factory in the northeast of Italy to bring the AVIMA furlane to life.

We're obsessed with keeping things simple, especially costs. Your products shouldn’t pass through unnecessary hands before coming to you. AVIMA cuts out what is simply unnecessary: from Italy, our furlane come direct to you.  There is no middleman, no distribution system, no anything that would add extra costs to you.  From the manufacturer, our furlane are transported to our warehouse, where they wait for you to pick them out online, before being shipped to you.  Extra costs, begone!